What is Somatics?

What is Somatics: SSJ Model of Transformation

In 2009 generative somatics invited social justice movement leaders and organizers to join the Somatics and Social Justice Collaborative, and to partner with us in creating a transformative change model integrating personal and social change. We gathered over twenty-five social justice leaders, somatics innovators and other holistic practitioners to participate and forward the following goals:

What is Somatics: Why Somatics for Social Justice?

Why Somatics for Social Justice and a Transformative Movement?

We believe that personal, community and social transformation are interdependent.  One inherently affects the next, and one can limit the other if not transformed.  We also believe that a politicized somatic change theory and practice have a radical contribution to make to the effectiveness and transformative capacity of the progressive Left, at the levels of theory, change models, action and implementation.