Movement: Local Practice Collectives

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A key aspect of building transformative work is having a practice community – a  place to be in regular practice with others who share a methodology, values and action. generative somatics is committed to building practice collectives around the country that meet regularly for somatic practice and process in service of community building and larger visions of justice.

Regular practice helps us see places we want to change in ourselves, supports us to embody our commitments, and moves us toward new shape, our longings, our wants. Regular collective practice allows us to experience all of that in connection with others. Collective practice also allows us to explore the ways we are shaped as a group or community, learn how to move together in different and alternative ways, and work together to embody our collective commitments.

Practice Collectives will launch in 2012 in places where generative somatics teacher trainers are located. Our first practice collectives will be found in Seattle, New York, and the Bay Area. Initially they will be a space for students of gs somatic trainings to come together for somatic practice, to deepen embodiment, and to train collectively for emerging actions. As Practice Collectives expand, they will start to integrate organizers, community members, and others interested in the integration of personal and social transformation, and specifically somatics and social justice.  Some collectives may have a focus – individual and collective healing, a community organizing project, a monolingual group, etc. – while others may gather for fundamental somatic practice and process for the sake of moving toward collective action. generative somatics is committed to building a powerful, effective and accessible somatics for those committed to social justice.