New PERE Report: Transforming Our Lives, Transforming Movement Building




We are thrilled to share a new, comprehensive evaluation of somatics methodology. The evaluation and report, titled "Transforming Our Lives, Transforming Movement Building: Lessons from the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) Strategy - Organizing - Leadership (SOL) Initiative," was produced by the University of Southern California's Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE). Read the full report here.  


Many of us have known intuitively and through our work on the ground, that transformation is called for -- in our lives, leadership, our organizing and movement building.  We want powerful and effective movements that make real change for our communities and that transform systems.  We have had the opportunity over the last 4 years to create a program with NDWA for its members and organizers, called SOL- Solidarity, Organizing and Leadership.  It has been a place that let all of us experiment with the connections between transforming our lives and leadership, experimenting with transformative organizing and campaign building, and deeply connecting political education and somatics.  And we got to do this in 4 languages with amazing NDWA member leaders.  

PERE joined us in the experiment of the first 5-session/20 day SOL program (2011-13) and evaluated the entire process and its outcomes.  Because we were all inventing something new, we collaborated closely with PERE to create measures for transformative leadership and organizing. We listened to the participants and what made the difference for them and we assessed ourselves and our practices.  The just released PERE Report is the findings, research and assessment of this transformative work.  

We see now, that all of us orienting toward transformation and movement building have the capacity to deepen, strengthen, and help reshape the culture of social justice organizing. The PERE report shows that "transformative leadership and organizing"-- and the two year process that includes somatics methodology and organizing training specifically tailored to social justice leaders and organizers--benefits individuals, organizations and society in multiple ways. The report confirms that transformative theory and practice has the potential for transforming social justice work to be more sustainable, effective, and impactful.   

Launched in 2011, SOL was a two-year movement-building training program for NDWA member organizations. The initiative worked to transform individual and organizational leadership and capacity for local organizing and movement building for respect, recognition, and labor standards for domestic workers and to build a powerful movement for social and global justice. Sixty domestic workers and organizers from across the country participated and all found it relevant, powerful and necessary to their organizing and to their lives.  


The results from the report are exciting and a tremendous testament to the value and impact of transformational work, and somatics within movement. The report recommends transformative approaches to movement building as timely, relevant and necessary for societal changes we seek. 


We will be highlighting the exciting results of this report over the next few months and invite you to join NDWA and gs in this celebratory and significant moment in the movement by reading and sharing the findings via email, facebook, or Twitter.

Thank you for your passion for and contributions to transformative organizing and movement building.  We look forward to a robust future for the field and your partnership along the way.