On Our Backs Review: Healing Sex, January 2005 issue

by Lori Selke

Somatics instructor Staci Haines, author of the landmark self-help book The Survivor's Guide to Sex, is a goddess. She's got a no-victims, no-bullshit approach to healing sexual trauma that addresses the body as well as the mind and that has helped hundreds of people already. Pair her with the savvy video gals at SIR Productions and watch a miracle unfold. The video format allows Haines to demonstrate her embodied exercises and present vignettes that explore the interpersonal dynamics of trauma and healing for both survivors and their partners. Some of the diverse cast are actors (though they're so convincing in their portrayals, it's easy to forget that fact), and some are real-life survivors telling their own stories. Most how-to sex tapes are well-meaning, but suffer from an excess of earnestness; this one never talks down or simplifies complex experiences. Quite simply, this video has the potential to be life-changing.

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