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A gs podcast

In June 2018, we created a podcast with Spenta Kandawalla, Prentis Hemphill and Staci K. Haines, hosted by adrienne maree brown. We had a conversation about trauma, oppression, healing and organizing for structural change. We dug in to the connections between personal, collective and structural transformation, and between healing and building collective power. We also explored the term Healing Justice. What does embodied healing have to do with creating liberation? To listen, click here!



Are you interested in seing a gs practitioner or coach?

Are you a gs pracititioner or coach interested in joining the gsPN?
The gs Practitioners Network (gsPN) is up and running! We are actively organizing gs practitioners and coaches to provide one-on-one and healing groups to organizers and leaders in social and environmental justice movements. Find out more, here.


In social and environmental justice movements, there is a significant call for gs programs that offer embodied transformation and leadership development, trauma-healing and resilience-building. In an effort to be responsive to this, an amazing Strategy Team of gs teachers, partners and staff met for over 18 months. We set out to ensure that as gs grows, our contribution becomes even more powerful and precise.
We are thrilled to share what we came up with --


Find out about current programs - Here.