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Program Manager: Job Announcement

The gs Program Manager is based in Oakland, California and plays a key role in project management, program strategy and implementation, bringing the transformative power of somatics to social justice and environmental justice movements. This position works closely with the Program Team to design and implement strategic courses and trainings, and well as engage and manage movement partnerships and other programs. Click here for full description (PDF).



If you missed this webinar and would like a copy of the recording, please email: SomaticsInTimeOfTrump@gmail.com.


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Our social change Movement Partnerships

In 2017, gs is continuing to deepen and grow partnerships with organizations that reflect our organizational values, have resonance with the offer of somatics, and are positioned well to have significant impact. The following is a list of some of our deepest Movement Partnerships.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)

NDWA (domesticworkers.org) is the leading voice for dignity and fairness for the millions of domestic workers in the US, most of whom are women of color. NDWA Director, Ai-jen Poo, shared that, “through the Strategy - Organizing - Leadership (SOL) program, gs has worked with NDWA to create major transformation for our participants. It has helped to create a healthy organizational culture among the members andleaders of our network. NDWA has greater cohesion and alignment.”


To learn more about this collaboration, please read USC’s PERE report that evaluates the somatics methodology integrated with NDWA, “as timely, relevant and necessary for society changes we seek."  Also, check out this recent article released by Movement Strategy Center about how collaboration with gs has impacted NDWA’s movement work


In 2017, gs and NDWA will continue to partner on the third cohort of the SOL program. SOL will include a total of 16 days of training (four 4-day sessions) over one year with over 60 domestic worker leaders and organizers from around the country.


Racial Justice Action Center (RJAC)

RJAC (rjactioncenter.org) is a multi-racial, LGBTQ, people of color-led organization building the grassroots leadership and power of working class communities of color in order to fight for – and win – political and social transformation in Georgia and the South. gs has partnered with RJAC since its founding. Somatics is integrated into RJAC’s leadership development, organizing model, action-planning, and organizational development. gs engages RJAC leadership in healing and cultivating resilience, to support them in facing current-time ongoing police violence, and continue to organize to end the criminalization of queer and trans people of color.


In 2017, gs is conducting leadership development and coaching for 12 RJAC staff and core leaders. We do this through in-person and virtual trainings, coaching, and support.


Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD)

BOLD (boldorganizing.org) is a national training program designed to help rebuild Black social justice infrastructure in order to organize Black communities more effectively and re-center Black leadership in the US social justice movement. BOLD is making a significant contribution in the current movement moment, and gs is invested in BOLD’s success as critical to our vision for a liberated society. gs supports BOLD leadership and teachers to deepen their own healing and transformation, their learning of the somatics methodology, and to develop curriculum that integrates somatics in BOLD trainings.


In 2017, gs is continueing to train and coach BOLD teachers through gs Teacher Training and other focused training; support curriculum development for BOLD programs; and deepen our shared strategy. gs is committed to supporting and collaborating with BOLD to deliver 16 days of training (4, 4-day sessions) to Black directors and leaders of social justice organizations, as well as regional training intensives prior to the Presidential election.



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