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The gsPN is an organized network of politicized somatic coaches, therapists, and healing practitioners who have built somatic competence through gs programs. gsPN members strategically serve and support movement workers (organizers, member leaders, and others) who are doing vital work for social and environmental justice.


The gsPN is organized in alignment with gs values, mission, vision and our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities.


We, at gs, see that embodied transformation, for individuals and groups, works best when there is an ecosystem of support around leaders, teams, and their organizations. gs offers this in the form of courses, movement partnerships, and local practice groups. In addition, one-on-one somatic coaching and somatic bodywork, and/or somatic healing groups, support people to heal and transform. The gsPN exists to help folks access this. 


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Below is a list of gsPN practitioners and coaches who work with organizers, member leaders, and others in social and environmental justice movements who are seeking this kind of healing and support (one-on-one or in healing groups).


Many gsPN practitioners work with clients on a sliding scale (some at low or no cost), which is an important part of our collective commitment to making this work accessible to poor and working-class people and people of color. There are also gsPN practitioners who work with clients over video (Skype or Zoom), which helps us collectively support movements across geography.


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Click here for more information about how to choose a gsPN practitioner and what to expect in this process. For more support around finding a practitioner, please contact us at



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The gsPN is structured to provide you with opportunities and resources, including a community of practice and political education. The gsPN will also support you to strategically contribute to social and environmental justice movements, by connecting you with clients who are organizers and other movement leaders who are looking for this kind of healing and support.


In 2019, gsPN will hold Monthly gsPN organizing calls, as well as a gathering (in-person and virtual) during Somatics and Trauma Advanced (STA).



For more information or to join the gsPN, please contact us!


If you have completed a gs course, you are welcome to be part of the gsPN, even if you have not begun seeing clients or are not actively seeing clients at this time.


If you are currently seeing clients, please also consider joining our Monthly Supervision Zoom Calls.