Transformative Leaders in Philanthropy, April 15 – 18, 2014, Petaluma, CA

The Program

The Transformative Leaders in Philanthropy Program offers a unique training and network-building opportunity to philanthropic leaders committed to having a greater impact in the world. Participants will have the chance to grow, transform and deepen their own leadership, while becoming part of an expanding community aligned with integrative approaches to social change.

This training will focus on transforming our embodied “default ways of being” that can limit our good work. We will also look at our individual and collective visions, and the strategies necessary to move towards them. Who we are and how well our actions align with what we most deeply care about are defined by what we practice, and in this training, participants will learn to practice a sustainable embodied path to greater effectiveness, impact and fulfillment.

Our training methodology grows out of over forty years of embodied leadership development programs with business and non-profit leaders as well as work in the last twenty years with leaders working for racial justice, environmental protections, and stronger resilient communities.

Old-fashioned notions of leadership made it seem a mysterious gift that people received at birth or not at all. We now know, however, that effective leadership can be learned, and at its best transforms people and society with ripple effects far beyond its time. History, psychology, and neuroscience have identified many of the core qualities that such leaders share, as well as the practices and principles that cultivate these qualities.

Seeking to alleviate suffering, philanthropy tries to address the profoundly challenging environmental, economic and social conditions in our increasingly complex world. Whether as individual donors, members of a family fund, or leaders, trustees or staff in a funding institution, those in philanthropy can have much greater impact on these challenges by sharpening their ability to assess the conditions they want to change, more consistently aligning actions with their deepest values, and coordinating strategically, accountably and effectively with others. The Transformative Leaders in Philanthropy program helps build these skills and lays the foundation for ongoing coordination and shared learning.

We hope you will join us!

As a participant in this program, you will:
o Build greater capacity to sustain focused effective action aligned with your deepest values and concerns;

o Strengthen your ability to take action and lead from an embodiment of the interdependence of personal, organizational and systemic change;

o Identify your individual leadership style, strengths and limitations while developing a compelling leadership vision and presence;

o Become able to coordinate more effectively with others, deepen trust for greater impact and identify new opportunities for coordination;

o Deepen your skillfulness in addressing issues of trust, accountability and power;

o Strengthen individual and group practices to sustain greater effectiveness and ongoing responsiveness to changing conditions.

Who Should Attend
This training is for anyone who leverages financial resources for social change and the common good, including foundation executives, board members, program officers, individual donors, and corporate sponsors.

2009 – 2012 Participants: 21st Century Foundation | Akonadi Foundation | Ford Foundation | Hidden Leaf Foundation | Hill-Snowdon Foundation | Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation | Kapor Foundation | Kellogg Foundation | NoVo Foundation | Resource Generation | Surdna Foundation | The California Endowment | The Seasons Fund for Social Transformation | Solidago Foundation | Third Wave Foundation

The Trainers
Both generative somatics and Social Justice Leadership approach leadership development and organizational change by grounding their work in attention to the inextricable connection between the personal and the systemic. Their partnership brings decades of expertise in political analysis and organizing, transformation and leadership development, and building collective vision and coordinated action. At the heart of their work is Somatics, an embodied path to transformation. This is the third training for funders and donors that gs and SJL are offering in partnership.

The Strozzi Institute conference site is located on a 13-acre ranch in Sonoma County in Northern California, about an hour north of San Francisco. The site was created to provide a place of training and coaching in the somatic method for leaders, teams, organizations and individuals. The beautiful, natural setting is a peaceful retreat environment. Our facilities include a traditional Aikido martial arts dojo-style conference room, various indoor and outdoor class spaces and simple, comfortable dining facilities.

Housing will be provided for all participants in beautiful Bodega Bay, about 25 minutes from the conference site. Houses will have large kitchens for participants to cook, share meals, play games, and some will even have a hot tub or ping pong table to enjoy at the end of the training day.

The cost of this program is on a sliding scale from $2500 - $4000. This includes all materials,
breakfast, snacks, and a catered lunch daily. The cost also includes housing and a catered dinner
one evening for all participants and trainers.

If you have questions about training costs, please contact Spenta Kandawalla (information listed

To apply to the Transformative Leaders in Philanthropy program, please complete the application at

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, so please apply early to secure a spot. The final deadline to apply is Friday, February 14, 2014.

Please contact Spenta Kandawalla, gs Program Director, at:

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