Framing Deep Change

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Essays on Transformative Social Change

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Essays and articulations of Transformative Social Change: The ends of justice can never be served by the means of injustice, even when the injustice is as subtle as the mental framework instilled by our quest for liberation. Suffering cannot be alleviated by instigating suffering, so even the conditions under which we labor for change need to exemplify the conditions we wish to ultimately find ourselves in. Coarse aggression, unconscious inequity and insidious indifference must all be transmuted into our most resourceful states of compassion, unlimited love and engaged presence. The root causes of injustice are addressed by assuring that unjust methods, approaches and even sensibilities are routed out from the organizations, strategies and hearts of the people that address injustice. This new world is not only possible, but necessary. And we, as agents of that change, will thrive in seeking it. THIS is a Transformative Social Change.